Greatful Hands Massage LLC

There is a $25 Fee for no calls, no shows and 24 hour advance cancelation also if your more than 15min late you will only be allowed the time you have left in your session. When scheduling an appointment with a gift certificate please select gift certificate tab.

Choose a service to schedule


Law Enforcement - $45
This is a Special for Police Officers, Sheriffs,State Troopers and Correctional Officers. Also Fire Fighters and EMT. ID is required
90 Min Massage - $90
Full Body Massage Streches, Deep Tissue and Relaxation. 90 mins. hands on.
1 Hour Massage - $60
Full Body hour massages consist of sweedish light to meduim pressure good for relaxtion . 60 mins hands on
Teachers - $40
This massage discount is for those that work in our school districts who go over and beyond helping to teach our children. Current ID Required
1/2 hour - $30
This 30 minute massage we will focus on problem areas upper or lower extremties with stretches.
Hot Stone - $100
Hot Stones are heated in water 104 degrees. Stones are then used to massage entire body. Placement stones are placed in varies areas of the body. Hot stones are good for deep tissue, tight muscles and relaxation.
Prenatal - $60
Must be in 2nd trimester . Entire massage is preformed in sideline position. No deep tissue light to medium pressure only.
Teachers 90min - $75
90 mins hands only
GM Employees - $50
60 mins hands on for GM employees
2 Hour Massage - $120
Full body massage Deep tissue ,Swedish , scalp, feet, this massage has no discount prices. $50 deposit will be charged. Incase of no call no show none refundable. Deposit will be add to massage as partial payment leaving balance off $70


Monday Madness - $45
Monday Madness for those clients that are on a budget. 1 hour massage every Monday. Can not be combined with other offers.
July 1 Hour - $40
July 90 min - $65
Wellness Wednesday - $70
90 min full body massage


Birthday Massage - $60
one hour full body massage


Facials - $25
Facials mud(clay), exfoliates scrubs and acne. Each facial will bring impurities to the surface of the skin. So please expect some breakouts after facial.
Massage with Facial - $85
1 hour Swedish relaxing massage with facial. Every massage begins face down, the facial will be the last procedure in this spa setting.

Gift Certificates

1 hour Gift Certificate - $0
60 mins hands on
1/2 Hour Gift Certificate - $0
30 minutes hands on massage
1 1/2 hour Gift Certicate - $0
90 mins hands on


1 hour Groupon - $65
Must Have Groupon for new clients and longer than 6 months are more appointment. Gratuity not included in groupon,
Hot Stone Groupon - $100
Must Have Groupon for new clients and longer than 6 months are more appointment. Gratuity not included in groupon
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